Sep 15

Why Psychological Preparedness is Important Before Back Surgery

Neurosurgeons and other health professionals advocate preparedness for patients that are about to undergo back surgery. Over the years, being prepared has produced physical and emotional benefits to patients and their families. Here is a look at these benefits.

Sciatica Surgery

back pain

  1. It reduces anxiety and stress before the procedure. Back or Spine surgery can bring about certain of levels of anxiety to patients before surgery. This can stem from several factors. Preparing for spine surgery is important because it enables patients to approach the procedure with an informed view on its effects. Preparation may not eradicate anxiety altogether but it allows the patient to leave out scenarios that are unrelated to their condition.
  2. Fewer complications before and after surgery. As with any types of medical procedures, there are complications that may arise for different reasons. Preparing for back surgery includes measures to prevent these complications.
  3. It lessens the need for post operative pain medications. Pain is one of the most common symptoms that patients experience after surgery. The level of pain a patient experiences depends on the severity of illness, the extent of the procedures and their pain threshold and coping. Preparing for back surgery includes learning pain coping mechanisms that involves little to no medication. Health professionals at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates are able to provide effective interventions for post operative pain coping. A patient that is aware on the measures he can take to cope with pain often needs lesser pain medications after surgery and is able to use various types of pain interventions.
  4. Patients who have prepared in advance for their surgery often have shorter period of hospitalization. For most patients, the home is still the best place to recover as it is a familiar environment and they are surrounded by people that they know and trust. Patients and their families should be prepared for home care after surgery. This facilitates faster transition from hospitalization to home care for patients.
  5. Patients who are prepared are more empowered to take charge or their own health and recovery. Back surgery may present various changes in the lives of patients. Daily routines such as eating, bathing or exercise may be markedly difficult for patients after surgery. Being prepared means being ready to cope with these changes. Prepared and empowered patients recover faster and return to their activities of daily living faster than those who are not.
  6. Preparing for back surgery not only involves the patient but includes the family as well. Patients need to transition to home care after they are fully able to be released from the hospital as recommended by their physicians and neurosurgeons. The patient and their family need to be familiar with home care and interventions necessary for a recovering patient.
  7. Improved emotional coping can also be brought about by preparation before spine surgery. Patients and their families need to know what is involved before and after surgery. Surgery can present a big change in the patient and family’s routine. Emotional coping and preparedness is important to foster a healthier environment for the patient.
Aug 22

You do not have to have back surgery! Spinal treatments offer back pain remedies.

Any surgeon worth his or her salt will tell you that surgery is not always the best option, and this could not be more true. While there are certainly some cases that require surgery in order to solve the deeper issues, largely structural, and prevent pain from returning, there are many non surgical treatment options available to chronic back pain patients. If you are working with a surgeon who has failed to mention these, you should immediately stop trusting them and start working with a surgeon at BNA Surgery in Boulder, the region’s leading spinal surgery center. The surgeons at BNA Surgery understand that surgery is not right for everyone and therefore work hard to come up with a treatment option that is right for each patient individually. They also are at the cutting edge in their field and have come up with a number of spinal surgeries that are minimally invasive, decreasing recovery time and chances of failed back surgery syndrome.

The first treatment option always involves looking towards conservative spine care, some patients have spinal injuries and problems that are tricky to diagnose initially. These patients may have a myriad of issues complicating diagnosis or perhaps there is a reason that surgery should be avoided at the outset. Keeping all the possibilities and variables in mind at all times allows surgeons to come up with the most complete care plan for their patients. The neurosurgeons at BNA Surgery are well versed in the various treatment options and have the expertise that is critical to diagnosing and treating all the possible spinal disorders that might be present. The first step taken is also a non invasive and non surgical option. Non surgical conservative treatments tend to include medications, injections, and physical therapy as well. BNA Surgery looks to a regimented program of stretching, muscles development and other therapies to improve the condition before considering surgery. If this does not help, then interventional therapies that reduce swelling are used to reduce pain. Finally, if these treatments do not work, then and only then is surgery considered an option.

A Microdiscectomy is one of the spinal surgery options available to patients. In fact, a microdiscectomy is one of the most common surgeries performed in the lumbar region of the back. The goal of the surgery is to remove a herniated disc and usually involves making a small incision at the right lumbar level and then operating under a microscope, a tiny incision in the spine’s laminotomy is made, and the disc removed. This surgery is truly at the cutting edge of spinal surgery treatment options as it is completed using microsurgical techniques. This kind of performance can only be done by surgeons who have been working to develop these cutting edge technologies such as the surgeons at BNA Surgery. This kind of microscopic level surgery adheres to the goal of being as careful and non invasive as possible when working with a spinal cord surgery patient. With these advances in surgery, we are looking at a whole new world of surgery options!

Jul 22


Life is all about learning and growing as we explore the world around us. We must be on the lookout for new information because all we know is all we are. Each year I set out to learn everything I can about one particular subject. Last year I decided to study the Brown bear. I have always been interested in the Brown bear but if you were to ask me, two years ago, what is the Brown bears’ primary food source; I probably would have guessed salmon when in fact the Brown bear’s main food is berries and flowers. I learned all kinds of fun things about the Brown bear like; they can live up to 30 years and if you are approached by one, you should never run but rather lay as still as possible and play dead. Did you know that Brown bears were the animals most feared by the Native Americans? You can learn so much by reading books and watching documentaries on a subject. You just need to pick one specific subject and stay with it for a year.

This year I have decided to dedicate all my learning power to the subject of brain surgery. I can’t say exactly what it is about brain surgery that attracts me so much but I think it is as simple as hearing two men talk about it on the train ride home from work one day, and not having any idea about what they were saying. The lingo they used and the parts of the different parts of the brain and the names of different medical tools used in those kinds of operation. It was if they were speaking Greek, I was just completely lost by it all. It was around that time that I set my mind to study brain surgery as my special topic for this year.

Of course I will start with brain treatments and then move up from there. I don’t want to know about only modern brain surgery, I want to know about the whole thing, from its beginnings all the way up to its plans for the future. I want to know more about brain surgery than 99 percent of the people around me.  I want to have a knowledge that would make you think I work as a brain surgeon for a living. Of course, the most satisfying thing for me would be to run into a neurosurgeon, next year and strike up a little conversation with him, about all the advancements they are making in his field. I want him to ask me what hospital I work for so ii can tell him that I am not a doctor at all but rather, just an ordinary tailor. Can you imagine the look on the good doctor’s face when he hears that?

This year I will study brain surgery but who knows what it will be next year. The important thing is to keep on learning about this magical world I live in.

Jul 18


If you are professional racecar driver like I am then you know that when you are out there on the strip you have to be sharp as tack. You are moving at speeds of up to 160 miles per hour and if your head is not in the right place, you could lose a whole more than just the race. As pro race car drivers, we take our mental clarity so seriously that I know some of the racers who do not even eat on the day of a race because they do not want the digestion of their food to get into their focus. I know other guys who meditate before a big race. I mean, guys will go and sit with a meditation instructor for two or three hours before the race starts. They come out of their warm up areas looking like the golden child. There are even a couple of guys who spend the time before their big race, inside of a church. They look to the religious aspect of hurtling our mortal bodies across a racetrack at mind bending speeds. Although I do not use any of these previously mentioned methods myself, I do make coming into the stadium before a race, a top priority. You can just imagine how discouraged I was when I began to suffer from lower back pain a year ago.

One day I am on the 50th lap of a big race and I am trying to keep track of where all my challengers are on the track, when all of a sudden I lose concentration because my back starts to ache like never before. I couldn’t keep my mind in the race and along with losing my concentration; I lost the first place slot. It was huge blow to me and to my fans. People started to talk that maybe I was getting to old for the game and that a possible retirement was coming up. In this sport, talk like that could cost you sponsorships which could mean thousands of dollars lost, all because of silly rumors.

One of the guys in my country club is a neurosurgeon and I thought he might be able to recommend a plan of action for my back pain. He told me to go to a back pain clinic and see what they could do for me. I went in with high hopes and I left feeling like a champion again. The doctors there told me that my back pain could very likely be cured if I underwent a sciatica surgery. I was not in any position to be fooling around so I made an appointment for the next available opening and thanks to the fact that I have a few race fans at the hospital, I was able to get in to have my operation very quickly.

Now I am back on top of my game. I just won the second most important race in my section and companies are already calling my agent to make some new deals for sponsorships. I am glad I was able to have my surgery and I am glad to be back in shape to win all the big races this year.


Jul 13


For the last year or so I have been suffering from serious back pain. The pain has gotten so bad that I am taking pain killers six or seven times a day. Pain killers can be a great alley in the war against back discomfort but I am the CEO of a major company and it gets hard to focus on the things I need to get done when I am light headed from so many drugs in my system. Light headed is one thing and the other problem is the risk of addiction and the problems it might cause my memory, in the long run. As if all this wasn’t reason enough to be concerned about my back pain, I went for a hike with my 70 year old father, one weekend and at the start of the trip, I had to ask him if we would turn back. Imagine how embarrassing it was for me to have to ask my elderly father if we could stop because I was not able to endure the pain in my back any longer.

Needles to say, something had to be done about my back pain. I called and made an appointment with my doctor. When I saw him we discussed a lot of different options from increasing my pain pills to Sciatica surgery, but I didn’t like the idea of either. In the end he decided that the best thing was to do a more in depth investigation as to why I was having such serious back problems. The doctor ordered a whole slew of tests, from blood and urine to x-rays of my upper, lower and middle back. I was really hoping that they would find a solution that didn’t involve more medicine or a long stay in the hospital.

Finally my doctor called me back in to go over my results and I was amazed to hear what he had to say. His conclusion was that the problems in my back were all in my head. I couldn’t believe what my doctor was telling me. I thought he was going to call me in and recommend some elaborate spine treatment but instead he just looked me in the eyes and promised me that there was no reason I was having back pain, except for stress and imagination. I was extremely happy to hear that I was not going to have to have an operation and that maybe I would be able to finally end my back pain issues.

What my doctor ended up recommending me was a little vacation to help eliminate all the stress at the office and that I stopped doing things that would make me feel wired, like drinking lots of coffee or listening to aggressive or loud music. I have been following his advice and it has been working like a charm. I have noticed that the level of back pain I experience has greatly diminished over the past weeks. I am going to stick to my doctor’s plan and with some luck, I may never have to battle back pain again.

Jun 24

Treatment for back pain is a very common thing in the USA.

These days, it seems like everyone is either on the health bandwagon or having a health problem.  Actually, let me go back because I do not think that there is actually a health bandwagon.  You are either healthy or not.  People that are healthy are not doing it because it’s trendy.  They are doing it because it is better for them and will help them live life to the fullest extent.  I apologize to anyone that I may have offended there.  Nevertheless, the reason why I bring up the division in people is that it seems to me that people that do not live an active lifestyle are always facing complications from some kind of back pain or something like that.  People are constantly faced with different issues when it comes to making sure that they can cope with the rigors of daily life.  Many people do this in different ways, but most that are healthy, do not struggle nearly as much.  I guess what I am getting at here is the fact that as people start to fall into one of the two camps and fully start to realize what is available through the medical profession, they will start to develop a better understanding of their medical needs.

spine surgeryBack pain treatment is a varied profession.  They are often times able to do it through chiropractic means or through ones that involve nerves in the back.  Now, however, they have come up with a new treatment that involves the uses of lasers.  Lasers offer a non invasive way of making sure that the build ups that cause back pain in the muscles can be relieved.  No one wants to go to surgery for back pain, so the ability of a non invasive laser to do the work is appealing to many individuals.  It also ends up being quite a bit cheaper.  I am looking toward making sure that people are able to address any of their pain problems with less invasive surgeries.  Not only does it make it cheaper to use lasers, but it also shortens the recovery time immensely.  I do hope to never have to undergo sciatica surgery, but if I do, I am comforted in knowing that there is the technology out there that can benefit me in the long term.  I am also excited to know that despite changes in the laws concerning doctor readiness, many of the doctors are going to be excellent at what they do.  That is the great thing about living somewhere that values medical advancement and medical knowledge.  I could not imagine living somewhere that does not value these things in a society. I am thrilled to be able to take this knowledge and share it with others, as well.  Hopefully, we as a world, will soon be able to live healthily and free for our times. Back surgery is just a small step toward making sure that all people have the ability to live their daily lives without pain that takes them away from what they love.

Jun 11

Back surgery is no guarantee.

Living in Denver, it is difficult to get away from all of the talk about Peyton Manning’s neck. If someone were to monitor the twitter feed for the city, a solid percentage of those tweets would probably be about the quarterback’s neck.  The issue with the neck is nothing new, but the talk about it and how it relates to professional sports is something that is rather nascent.  Peyton Manning is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and he is able to accomplish everything because of his arm.  The neck is a vital component for the arm, so when he started to have trouble, it was an issue for his football team.  Nevertheless, he began some spinal treatment sessions to help out with the bulging disk in his neck.  The city of Denver was hanging on with baited breath because if anything were to happen to our quarterback, we would be pretty much screwed.  With that in mind, I wanted to talk about some of the advances in treatment that have been appearing across the country when it comes to sports injuries and especially back and spinal injuries.

While injuries in sports have been occurring since the sport has began, many of the treatments that are used today are rather new.  Many of them did not exist years ago and that comes as a great relief to the many of football and basketball players that are still hoping to walk later in life.  One of the treatments that has started to emerge for football players is a treatment that focuses on sciatica rehabilitation.  When someone ruptures a disk in their back, it is a rather painful ordeal due to all of the nerves in the back.  It has the potential to affect movement in their entire bodies due to the fact that many of those nerves connect to the spinal column and that is the headquarters for everything that happens in your body.  I am certainly surprised by a number of the impacts that a cinched neck can have on someone’s day and their ability to move around.  One of the things that I would hope to have corrected with that is the ability to fix it immediately.  The same is probably the case for football players that get hit and have a stinger that they then have to wait out.  It sounds awful and in all respects it probably is one of the most painful things ever.

brain treatmentNevertheless, as sports treatment starts to improve there remains to be one big daunting obstacle left and that is brain injuries.  Football is having a crisis due to the number of brain injuries occurring in the sport.  A good way to fight against this is by developing a brain treatment program to deal with the number of concussions that are occurring.  So far, no doctor has been able to develop one, so we are still in search of something that may work for all of the players both past and future.

May 03

You can Only Know if Your Back Pain is Neurological or Not if You Schedule an Appointment with a Team of Neurosurgeons.

neurosurgeonsMost people have dealt with back pain, at some point, and, for the most part, back pain is not usually serious.  However, in many cases, back pain can be a sign of serious neurological disorders, so it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms.  Chances are, if you are trying to receive treatment for you back pain because of its severity, your back pain may be neurological.  Of course, you can only know if your back pain is neurological or not if you schedule an appointment with a team of neurosurgeons.  Just because you have a consultation at a  neurological center does not, necessarily, mean that you will need to undergo surgery.  Of course, it may mean that, and ignoring symptoms of neurological conditions is dangerous.

Perhaps the most common and well-known neurological back condition is sciatica.  Sciatica is a very broad term, which is used to describe any symptoms that are originating with the sciatic nerves.  When pressure, of some sort, is applied to the sciatic nerves, a wide range of physical symptoms can occur.  Some of them are common and easy to ignore, while some of them can be quite severe and unusual.  Sciatica is typically characterized by lower back pain, and, in many cases, the pain can extend down to the legs.  In more extreme cases, motor abilities in the legs can even be affected by the disorder.  Over the years, neurosurgeons have developed a few different forms of sciatica treatment.

For the most part, sciatica, like most other neurological conditions, does necessitate surgery.  Fortunately, over the years, the techniques have been developed, so the surgeries required are often a lot less invasive than they used to be.  To some degree, lasers are beginning to replace other types of surgical treatments for sciatica, though lasers cannot be used, in all cases.  Until a couple of years ago, lasers were thought to be fairly useless, when it came to neurosurgery.  Because the lasers of the time were not precise or powerful enough for the type of work that they needed to do, laser back surgeries were not respected in the medical community.  Very recent advancements, though, have begun to change this, as the lasers of today are significantly more effective, precise, and powerful.

As a matter of fact, these lasers can be used for more than just sciatica surgery.  They have even been used effectively in brain surgeries and other very serious procedures.  Overall, there are a lot of benefits to replacing a conventional surgery with a laser surgery.  Laser surgeries are far less invasive, for the most part, than convention surgeries are.  Not only that, the recovery time, even for successful surgeries, is typically way quicker, when it comes to laser surgeries.  This is especially good, when it comes to sciatica surgery, as sciatica is usually not a terribly severe condition.  That is why it is so fortunate that there is a less-invasive procedure that can be used to treat it, though it is not effective in all cases.

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Apr 20

Go to a Neurological Specialist for Back Pain Treatment.

back pain treatmentWhen it comes to feeling good or bad, your nervous system is undoubtedly a major factor. Everything from your mood to your ability to feel pain is controlled by your nervous system. That is why it is so important to go to a specialist if you are having any sort of neurological problem.  There are countless different kinds of neurological problems, and they vary greatly in severity, though they all should be taken seriously.  In many cases, back pain is caused by neurological issues.  That is why you should go to a neurological specialist for back pain treatment.  As that is the direct cause of back pain, in most cases, that is the best place to start.  For one thing, pain in a general sense is something that you are aware of because you have a nervous system.  Therefore, all pain is related to neurological issues, in an indirect way.  Of course, in the case of back pain, the problem may be directly related to your nervous system.  For instance, if your vertebrae are not aligned exactly right, your bones or cartilage may be putting extra pressure on your actual spinal cord, which can be incredibly painful, not to mention dangerous.  Of course, before you immediately jump to surgery, you should consider the other options.  Unfortunately, though, surgery often is the best option, which is scary, considering the fact that the surgeries in question involve your nervous system.  Surgeries involving the nervous system can be a bit risky because nerve damage is permanent.  You must be very certain of the skills of the surgeon.  If you do need to undergo some sort of spine surgery to correct an alignment issue or another type of problem, you should try to find the most qualified professionals you can.  Precision is key with any type of surgery, but it is especially important with regards to the spine.  For one thing, the spine is one of the primary components of the central nervous system.  The central nervous system is the main portion of the nervous system that controls the rest of it.  Everything that is not part of the central nervous system is part of the peripheral nervous system.  If any part of the central nervous system is damaged, it could have terrible consequences somewhere else.  For instance, if your spinal cord is damaged, it can affect your motor skills, throughout your body.  The other main part of your central nervous system is your brain.  Essentially, your brain is the control center for the entire nervous system, which means that if you have neurological issues in your brain, there could be severe consequences.  If you do have a neurological problem that is related to your brain, you may have to consult a neurosurgeon about your options.  There are various reasons why you may have to undergo brain surgery.  They are all fairly serious, but the likelihood of success is a lot greater if you are relying on qualified surgeons.  Do some research about neurosurgeons in your area, before you sign up for a procedure.

Mar 19

Is Spinal Stenosis Effecting Your Life?

spinal stenosisIf you have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, a serious medical condition that effects the spine, back, and body as a whole, then you know how painful, uncomfortable, and discouraging this disorder can be and how it can impact your entire life. If you are suffering from spinal stenosis, and all of the side effects that this medical condition comes with, then you are most likely in search of a cure or treatment. There are a lot of different treatments and surgeries available to those people who are suffering with and dealing with spinal stenosis and there are many medical professionals who you can talk to about what treatment will be best for you and your health. The doctors and medical staff at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates in Boulder, Colorado are some of the professionals that are working toward a cure for this painful spinal disorder. This is a medical center that is dedicated to providing its patients that are dealing with spinal stenosis, as well as other spine and brain disorders, with the absolute best care and options for treatments. One treatment option for people dealing with spinal stenosis, as well as other spine issues that they are dealing with, is the progressive and almost revolutionary procedure that is known as laser spine surgery. Laser spine surgery has proven to be a great option for a lot of people who have been dealing with spinal stenosis and other back, spine, and neurological issues for a variety of reasons and the specialists at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates in Boulder, Colorado are some of the great people that are offering this procedure to their patients who are looking for relief from their pain. Over the past decade or so laser spine surgery has become an increasingly popular option for patients and surgeons because it has proven so effective in treating spinal stenosis and other medical conditions effecting the spine, back, and brain. If you are one of the many people who is suffering from the effects of spinal stenosis then laser spine surgery might be the right option for you and there are neurosurgeons and spine surgeons at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates who are experts in performing this surgery. There are a lot of reasons why laser spine surgery may be the right option for you when it comes to treating your spinal stenosis and the only way to find out if this surgery is an option for you is to meet with a professional spine surgeon or neurosurgeon at a medical center like the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates in Colorado to find out. The doctors at the BNASURG offer a free review of their magnetic resonance image, or MRI as it is more commonly known, to find out whether this surgery might be a right option for them. There are highly skilled neurosurgeons and spine surgeons who are working hard for their patients every single day at the Boulder Neurological & Spine Associates so that they can help them find a cure for their spinal stenosis. 

Feb 04

If Your Doctor cannot Determine an External Cause of Your Back Pain, You Should Consider Seeing a Neurosurgeon.

neurosurgeonThough it can be very tempting to assume that your back pain has a mundane external cause, in many cases, back pain is a sign that something is wrong with your spinal column.  If this is the case, it should be dealt with.  Your spine is a highly delicate part of your body, yet it controls so many of your body’s functions.  If your doctor cannot determine an external cause of your back pain, you should consider seeing a neurosurgeon.  A neurosurgeon is a neurological specialist, which means that he or she deals with problems pertaining to the nervous system.  In many cases, back pain is related to the nervous system, insofar as the spinal cord is one of the two main components of the central nervous system.  The other is the brain.  Though the central nervous system is only the brain and the spinal cord, it controls everything that goes on in your body.  That is why, you need immediate treatment if your spinal cord enduring trauma.  Damage to your spinal cord could result in the loss of certain functions.  All nerve damage is permanent, as the cells in the nervous system do not regenerate, making them different from other kinds of cells.  Damage to the peripheral nervous system only affects the area that is controlled by that section of nerves.  Damage to the central nervous system has effects throughout your body.  One condition that highlights this difference is spinal stenosis.  Spinal stenosis refers to too much pressure being applied to the spinal cord or the nerves attached to the spinal cord.  The type of spinal stenosis that involves pressure on the spinal cord itself is more severe, as the spinal cord is the main nerve of the body.  Spinal stenosis has varying degrees of severity, and it often needs to be treated with surgery.  There are a few different ways of going about surgery, when it comes to the spine.  As any damage to the spine would be severe and permanent, it is absolutely critical that nothing go wrong during the surgery.  Because of the inherent risk involved in any surgery involving the nervous system, the techniques have gotten progressively more and more precise over the years.  If you are dealing with the right neurological institute, the risk of anything going wrong is very low.  Neurosurgeons go to great lengths to ensure that their patient’s are safe.  Nonetheless, there is always a risk.  That is why there has been a push to develop better laser technology to perform spinal surgeries.  In many fields of medicine, lasers have proven to be an incredibly safe and effective surgical treatment that is minimally invasive, as well.  Nonetheless, in the field of neurosurgery, they had proven to be ineffective, until recently, when new laser technology was developed.  The new lasers can be used to remove tissue, which the older lasers were not able to do.  They are also more maneuverable.  In the coming years, laser spine surgery is going to become more and more prevalent for that reason.

Jan 17

Laser spine surgery can target your back problems and fix them

spinal stenosis

If you suffer from back pain you should do something about it sooner than later. Unchecked back pain might be nothing now, but given time that slight soreness could turn into something very serious. There are many solutions to help ease people of their back pain and none are more incredible than laser spine surgery, which is being perfected at Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates. I can give you a first hand account of what the patient experience is like at BNSA because I am in the process of rehabbing from surgery done to the cervical part of my back.

My injury was caused after I was rear ended and had severe whiplash. It’s funny because for the first day after the accident it didn’t feel as if anything was wrong but when I woke up the following morning my neck was as stiff as could be. I took an extra long hot shower to relax the muscles some but shortly afterwards they tensed up again and it was painful. Basically things went on like that for the next five or six months until the pain started to escalate and became too much for me to bear. I might be a stubborn person when it comes to asking for directions or visiting the doctor, but even I knew I had to see a neurosurgeon and get advice on what the problem was and what could be done about it. I contacted a friend of mine that works in the medical field and he gave me the recommendation to call Boulder Neurosurgical and Spine Associates (BNSA) and to go in and get information on the clinic if possible. I did some research online and found out a lot of great things about the company.

First off, the equipment and cutting edge techniques the practice over at BNSA are out of this world. They have machines and procedures they are perfecting over there that even a science fiction novelist would be hard pressed to whip up. I was impressed with their image guidance systems which gives them a real time MRI scan during procedure for increased accuracy. During my procedure, for instance, the neurosurgeons were able to perform MRI imaging scans during the actual procedure, not afterwards. The problem with most surgical centers is that they do an initial scan on the back to see where they have to remove tissue or legions, but then they have to wait until after the surgery to see if everything was completely removed. BNSA has a unique system and very high tech machinery that allows them to get every last bit of bone, tissue or cartilage removed the first time. This means that patients of BNSA have a much lower rate of second and third surgeries than most other places.

After the scan the neurosurgeons will speak with the radiologists and perform an MRI review. With two sets of expert eyes on your scan nothing will be missed and you will have a faster recovery time and heal up better.

Dec 31

Construction Accident Requires Laser Spinal Surgery for Recovery

A local construction firm made news last year when they announced they would begin providing comprehensive health insurance for all of its employees, including part-time and seasonal employees. The norm until then in the construction field was for workers to find their own coverage, or use their spouses’ coverage. That decision made the firm a popular place to work, and its employee retention has gone way up in the year since the announcement was made.

Good health insurance turned out to be a very valuable asset for one of the construction site’s foremen, who suffered a workplace injury when he fell off of a ladder and landed on his back. He was wearing a hard hat and had not hit his head, and he was able to get up immediately and walk around, although he was in some discomfort. But it seemed he had avoided a more serious injury, until a few weeks later when his back started to act up. He would wake up in the middle of the night with pain in his lower back, and was beginning to struggle at work. He finally made a doctor’s appointment, and went in to see his general practitioner. The doctor performed an MRI review on him, and the results were surprising. The foreman would need to see a neurosurgeon sooner rather than later, as it looked like he might need surgery if he was going to relieve the pain at all.

The neurosurgeon confirmed the diagnosis, and delivered the unfortunate news. The foreman would need laser spinal surgery, which is a less invasive form of surgery than the typical type. The foreman was concerned, and told the doctor he would need some time to think about the decision. He went home and discussed his options at length with his wife. She was concerned about him being in recovery for a very long time while she would be taking care of their kids on her own, but she also could not stand to see him in pain for any longer.

She attended the next doctor’s appointment with her husband, and asked the doctor all of the questions that had been nagging at them, such as how long would his recovery be and would he be left with big scars? Was there a risk of infection and how long would the surgery take? The doctor was very understanding and patient, working through it with them. He explained all of the details of the minimally invasive laser surgery procedure he wanted to use, which would shorten his recovery time and make it less likely he would contract any infection. He also explained that because of his good insurance, almost one hundred percent of the expenses of the surgery were covered by his insurance provider. He and his wife discussed their options again that night, and decided to get him on the schedule for surgery. He would be unable to work again if not, and he could not spend the rest of his life in pain. They have scheduled it for next month, and have confidence it will be smooth sailing afterwards.

spinal stenosis

Nov 20

Why Spinal Stenosis Should Be Treated

laser spine surgerySpinal stenosis is a condition that should not be ignored. In fact, it’s sometimes impossible to overlook when chronic pain in the neck and back takes over your life. In some instances, patients may simply resort to over the counter pain killers for daily relief. Before going this route however, it’s important to check in with a doctor to determine the source of the pain, as well as figure out the best methods of treatment.

Bear in mind also that over the counter medicines may have negative side effects, plus consider:

Tumors – can be the source of your pain, which if found in the spinal cord, can in many be removed by a spine surgeon. Some of these tumors may be benign, while others are life threatening. As a result, it’s imperative to seek medical help at the onset of nonstop pain.

Bowel Movement – did you know that according to proven medical research, spinal stenosis can also affect bowel movement? If you’re frequently constipated to the point that disrupts your daily life, it’s time to perform an MRI Review to determine what’s going on inside.

Numbness, pain, tingling, weakness – are just a few examples of some of the results of this disease. The numbness can prevent you from feeling sensation, which may be useful in perilous situations. This is something to note if you work in an hazardous environment. Also the pain and weakness can be debilitating.

Because of the above factors, it’s advised that rather than living with pain, patients take a proactive approach to find a manageable and practical treatment such as minimally invasive spine surgery.

Nov 13

How Spine Surgeons Treat Pinched Nerves

laser spine surgeryDo you feel as though age has caught up to you? Are you acquiring conditions you once heard your parents complain about? This could include a pinched nerve, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and a range of other issues. These are common with age, depending on the diet and lifestyle. In other cases, conditions relating to the spine, such as a pinched nerve may be acquired through injury. Every year, hundreds of individuals are injured in car accidents. Slip and falls are also quite common for many. As such, the effects on the spine can range from spinal stenosis and other conditions that need to be medically treated due to the symptom of chronic pain. If this describes you, some of the remedies for a pinched nerve include:

Steroid Injections – which help to reduce the inflammation and pain right around the affected nerve area. These should be carefully administered by a spine surgeon who has already conducted a thorough examination to ensure there will no drug interactions from other prescriptions you may be taking.

Laser Spine Surgery – may be performed by an expert neurosurgeon. Care needs to be taken when operating in this area because the spinal cord is directly linked to the central nervous system. Lack of care and precaution can lead to paralysis, but this is rare cases.

Physical Therapy – may also be prescribed as a way to manage the pain you may be experiencing.

While minimally invasive spine surgery may seem like the best option, patients should weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision.